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Hello, welcome to Winging it, where I'll be sharing information, news, and much more for parents and carers of children with special needs, or anyone who knows either a parent, carer, or child with special needs.  Winging it will be updated weekly, this week I've written about stimming, shoe shopping tips and schools. And there's some... Continue Reading →

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Next week…

Tics, how to make shopping easier,  stress-busters, my book review of Schtum.   

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The autism show.

I'm going to be attending the Autism show this year, (see here for more details). Two of the workshops that I'm particularly interested in are  Lego therapy  LEGO® Therapy has become increasingly popular over recent years and has been shown to benefit autistic children and young people by improving language development, social interaction and fine motor skills.... Continue Reading →


I found Light Hearts UK on twitter. (@LightHeartsUK)  They have a free 10 week online course for sufferers of depression and anxiety. I've had a look and it looks really good. I've actually signed up for it.  There's more information here. 

Bristol pink card. 

You can get a Pink card from Bristol City Council by adding your child to the Disabled Child Register. You can use it as proof of disability and to get a carer’s discount at many local attractions. You do not need a diagnosis to get a Pink Card, and it generally arrives within a week. Click... Continue Reading →

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