Over to you.

Every week I’ll pose a question asked by a reader, perhaps you want advice, tips, or suggestions, maybe you’d like another point of view or some support. if you’d like to ask a question email me at wingingitnews@yahoo.com.

This week the question comes from Zoe Cripps who tweets at @Lycrawidow, its a question thats relevant to all parents. Zoe asks Do you teach your toddler/child the proper term for private parts, i.e vagina/penis rather than winky/twinkle/other?

Personally I believe its best to teach the proper names because first of all we teach the proper names for all of the other body parts, an arm is an arm, a nose is a nose etc, but also because I feel its important to teach children that bodies, and all the parts of them, are not something to be ashamed of. 

Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  1. Seeing as this is my own question; we have taught our toddler the correct terms. I absolutely agree with how you’ve worded it above. We teach arms/legs/ nose etc, and they are all body parts! Thank you for posing the question! X

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