Useful questions for choosing a school (bullet points) 

  • How manageable is the journey?
  • Is my child eligible for transport? 
  • Will my child cope with the size of the building? 
  • Is the environment over-stimulating? (Lights, displays) 
  • How many children in a class? 
  • Is there a quiet space/room where my child can relax/calm down? 
  • Is the site secure? If my child runs are they safe? 
  • Will my child be supervised/supported during break times? 
  • Can my child eat their lunch in a quiet place if needed? 
  • What life skills will my child develop at this school? Will they help towards independent living ?(as far as possible)
  • How is difficult/challenging behaviour dealt with? 
  • How is a meltdown managed? Is the child removed to a safe area? Is the child restrained if necessary? Are staff properly trained to restrain safely? 
  • Is there something in place i.e. Traffic light system – so my child can indicate their feelings in case of not being able to articulate them. (For example a red card to show stress/anger)
  • What system of parent- teacher communication is used i.e. Regular texts/emails/a home-school book? 

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