Cineworld autism friendly screening. 

The next screening will be the LEGO Batman movie on Sunday 5th march.  Cineworld autism friendly screening. 


The autism show.

I'm going to be attending the Autism show this year, (see here for more details). Two of the workshops that I'm particularly interested in are  Lego therapy  LEGO® Therapy has become increasingly popular over recent years and has been shown to benefit autistic children and young people by improving language development, social interaction and fine motor skills.... Continue Reading →

The Autism Show.

The autism show, in association with The National Autistic Society, is running this year in London 16-17 June, Birmingham 23-24 June and Manchester 30 June-1 July. The show offers information, help and advice on autism, including Aspergers, with over 90 hours of talks and clinics to choose from and hundreds of specialist products and services. For more... Continue Reading →

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