Bristol pink card. 

You can get a Pink card from Bristol City Council by adding your child to the Disabled Child Register. You can use it as proof of disability and to get a carer’s discount at many local attractions. You do not need a diagnosis to get a Pink Card, and it generally arrives within a week. Click... Continue Reading →


Useful questions for choosing a school (bullet points) 

How manageable is the journey? Is my child eligible for transport?  Will my child cope with the size of the building?  Is the environment over-stimulating? (Lights, displays)  How many children in a class?  Is there a quiet space/room where my child can relax/calm down?  Is the site secure? If my child runs are they safe? ... Continue Reading →

CEA card…

Did you know that if you have a disability you can apply for a CEA card which enables a carer to accompany you to the cinema free of charge? For more details and how to apply look here .

Cineworld autism friendly screenings.

Did you know that Cineworld have an autism friendly screening every month? The lighting is kept on during the screening The volume levels are reduced There are no ads or trailers Seating is not allocated Customers are allowed to bring their own food and drink Screenings are at 11am on the first Sunday of every... Continue Reading →

WAND card.

If you live in the London borough of Wandsworth you can apply for a WAND card, the card indicates membership of Wandsworth disabled children's register which can be helpful when asking for any available concessions or assistance. for example, Sainsburys in Putney are a member of the WAND scheme and offer assistance which you can ask... Continue Reading →

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