Shoe shopping tips. 

Shopping is not always easy with an autistic child.  Shops are stressful environments, there are lots of people, smells, usually music (which in some shops is ridiculously loud) and very bright lights. With shoe shopping, throw in the necessary interaction with shop staff, measuring feet, and lots of shoes to choose from.(my boys find it... Continue Reading →



Stimming.  Self-stimulatory behavior, also known as stimming and self-stimulation, is the repetition of physical movements, sounds, or repetitive movement of objects common in individuals with developmental disabilities, but most prevalent in people with autistic spectrum disorders. (From Wikipedia).  Stimming is not exclusive to people with autism, most of us stim without even realising it. I... Continue Reading →

What is autism?

This page on the National Autistic Society website gives a clear, no nonsense, easy to understand explanation of Autism and is my first point of reference whenever I'm trying to explain Autism to somebody.  

Having your say.

Every week on Having your say I'll be featuring a post written by a reader, if you'd like to have your say email me at This week Sophie writes about taking on the DLA and winning.

The Autism Show.

The autism show, in association with The National Autistic Society, is running this year in London 16-17 June, Birmingham 23-24 June and Manchester 30 June-1 July. The show offers information, help and advice on autism, including Aspergers, with over 90 hours of talks and clinics to choose from and hundreds of specialist products and services. For more... Continue Reading →

CEA card…

Did you know that if you have a disability you can apply for a CEA card which enables a carer to accompany you to the cinema free of charge? For more details and how to apply look here .

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